Meet Liz Nyamwange.

Liz NyamwangeMeet Liz Nyamwange.

She came to IMSA from Byron, IL, a town with a population of 3,607, seeking a challenge, a diverse student body, and the opportunity to work with like-minded peers driven by fascination, curiosity, and desire. Here, she engaged in advanced coursework taught by top-ranked faculty and learning experiences outside the classroom that changed the trajectory of her life. A student research project on computational epidemiology in economically vulnerable communities combined with exposure to applied social entrepreneurship both inspired and fueled her passion for equity-based innovation and research.

Now an IMSA junior, this computer-science coder and gender equality enthusiast has made it her mission to pave understanding of the unlimited possibilities Black and Brown students possess, and she is well on a path to do so. Liz is hoping to make Etana, her solar-powered device that uses blockchain technology to create a unique digital identity without access to the Internet or electricity, a reality. So far, the invention has earned her the top prize in the HP Girls Save the World Challenge, MIT Solv[ed], and Taco Bell Ambition Accelerator competitions, along with recognition in Seventeen Magazine.

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