Educator Development

IMSA’s Signature Strategy of Professional Development

IMSA offers professional development sessions on mathematics, science, technology, and pedagogy for pre-service and in-service educators and administrators. These professional development opportunities align with IMSA’s signature strategy of learning: Inquiry-Based, Problem-Centered, Competency- Driven and Integrative. Professional learning opportunities include events held at IMSA, sessions presented at conferences, and workshops delivered in schools across the state and beyond. Educator workshops can be customized to meet any school’s specific needs.

Professional Development Opportunities

The IMSA Curriculum Writers and Professional Development Specialists offer different professional learning experiences each month. The professional learning experiences provide best practices in K-12 math and science education based on IMSA’s signature strategy of learning (see above). In response to COVID, all PD is delivered using Canvas and Zoom.  The professional learning experiences provide Illinois State Board of Education professional learning credit

E-Teaching Resources

The IMSA Curriculum Writers and Professional Development Specialists have created a variety of resources for educators teaching remotely.  Check out these great offerings.

“IMSA Educator” Micro-Certification

IMSA’s Center for Teaching and Learning provides educators from across the state, nation, and globe to advance their pedagogical skill and learn IMSA’s signature strategy in our four competencies of  Inquiry-Based, Problem-Centered, Competency- Driven and Integrative teaching and learning through a series of micro-credentials.  Educators who complete all 4 micro-credentials earn an IMSA Educator Micro-Certification, allowing them to teach IMSA professional development.

Get Help from Our Specialists!

Our team is here to help teachers and parents with any questions from how do I help with math problems, to e-learning tools, to where can I find resources for my student to much more. Use the schedule now button below to reserve a live video appointment with any of our Specialists.

Specialty Programs


The IMSA FUSION Program is a school-based STEM enrichment program for Illinois students who are talented, interested and motivated in mathematics and science. IMSA FUSION places a special emphasis on students who are historically under-resourced and underrepresented in these areas. The program provides materials for teaching/implementing units and ongoing professional development and support for the participating Illinois teachers and administrators.

Next Generation Science Standards

The Illinois Math and Science Academy in partnership with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is pleased to provide Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) professional development for K-5 science teachers across the state of Illinois. Teachers will participate in a one day immersive experience engaging in model science lessons, the significant shifts with NGSS, and a deeper understanding of three dimensional teaching.

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Professional development in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is designed for educators in all disciplines to aid them as they design and develop effective PBL materials and become skillful coaches in K-16 classrooms and education settings. IMSA’s PBL team works directly with educational partners to design a program to fulfill the partner’s specific vision for the institution. This often includes a multi-year plan allowing teams to progress from an introduction to PBL through developing a self-sustaining culture of PBL with a multi-tiered coaching team.

Science Teacher as Scientist – Teacher Externships

The Science Teacher as Scientist teacher externship program places teachers in local businesses and industries to see STEM in action. During the summer, educators work side-by-side with knowledgeable and skilled industry employees learning real world skills and applications in STEM areas. Following the externship, teachers work with the curriculum development team at IMSA to create innovative curriculum units connecting their state standards to their externship experience. Externships provide business partners skilled teachers that can make significant contributions to work done in a lab, out in the field, or on any workplace team. Additionally, teachers will take back innovative teaching ideas and learning experiences to their students which will create more career ready graduates who can contribute to the local workforce.

Little STEAMers (Early Childhood Programming)

Little STEAMers is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) based curricular program for preschool children ages 3 to 5. Designed to offer integrative learning experiences for young students, Little STEAMers seeks to fill the need for connected, holistic learning opportunities that encourage academic and intellectual growth within the preschool classroom.