Clubs and Organizations

The clubs and organizations listed are student supported. Each club or organization must have an adult sponsor. Clubs may elect to be chartered through the Student Council. Other organizations are sponsored by individual departments or programs. If you would like more information about a particular club or organization, please email the advisor or student contact person. For all other questions, please contact us in Student Affairs at 630.907.5009.

Civic Engagement

Leader(s): Natalie Hulseberg, Brogan Long

Advisor(s): Devon Madon

The ACLU at IMSA’s goal is to provide a platform for students to pursue social justice matters they are passionate about, facilitate discussions on difficult topics, and educate students on current civil liberties and rights issues. Through regularly scheduled events, we cultivate conversation around the ACLU’s key issues. Through our student projects program, we offer the unique opportunity on campus for students to receive guidance and resources to form an initiative that creates real change in the IMSA community and beyond related to an ACLU key issue; currently, our project groups are focusing on creating a government petition on LGBTQIA+-inclusive healthcare and pursuing a wide range of women's issues. In addition to these two activities, we also have held guest speaker events, workshops, and other events which aim to teach students about advocacy and lobbying and introduce them to famous and/or impactful activists.

Leader(s): Abigail Ernat, Natali Chung

Advisor(s): Brian Trainor

To help IMSA students find and build a passion for animals, with the end goal of inspiring them to become animal rights advocates.

Leader(s): Christin Ann Sanchez

Advisor(s): Tanya Crum

To promote awareness about environmental issues on and off campus by holding events and hosting educational programs at libraries. Additionally, we hope to foster a love of the environment in anyone and everyone.

Leader(s): William McCarthy, Elizabeth Alcala

Advisor(s): Kevin Lim

The mission of Exodus is to provide academic assistance for underrepresented and underprivileged students through the Quest Program at the Grace Church of DuPage. We strive to motivate these students, discover the potential they have inside them and brighten their futures. Our ultimate purpose is to help eliminate the large educational divide in our society, one student at a time.

Leader(s): Dhruv Patel

Advisor(s): Joyce Symoniak, Erin Micklo, Stephanie Broy

L&D Matter aims to help children with intellectual and learning disabilities (down syndrome, dyslexia, etc.) grow socially and academically by providing them with mentorship through IMSA. L&D also serves to educate the IMSA and surrounding communities about learning and intellectual disabilities, and advocate for these disabilities as well.

Leader(s): Michelle Li, Aaliyah Ali

Advisor(s): Tracy Townsend

IMSA Mock Trial aims to provide students with a better understanding of trial advocacy and the American legal system through the enactments of courtroom cases and the development of critical thinking, questioning, and oratory skills. IMSA Mock Trial offers a multitude of thrilling learning opportunities, including participation in intra-school scrimmages or local and state competitions catering not only to those interested in pursuing law-based careers but those simply looking to grow their skills.

Leader(s): Julie Lima

Advisor(s): Karen Gholson

Holding fundraisers with the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, those who face cancer will be supported, and that one-day cancer will be eliminated. Raising donations for participation in Relay For Life is fun as well as challenging.


Leader(s): Jasmine Liu

Advisor(s): Karen Gholson

To educate and spread the Asian-American culture and experience throughout the IMSA community.

Leader(s): Olamiji Fabamigbe

Advisor(s): Anita White, JaRod Tobler

The purpose of this organization shall be to educate the IMSA community about the culture and heritage of Black people. We strive to erase the negative misconceptions pertaining to the Black community and replace them with a more informed view both within the student body and in conjunction with the administration to make the campus a more equitable space for the black community. We also aim to create a safe space amongst the black community on campus to grow and understand more about themselves and their culture (inclusive of all facets of black culture … Caribbean, African, African American, etc). Goals for achieving this purpose shall be set at the beginning of the year.

Leader(s): Ariela Asllani

Advisor(s): Agnieszka Michalak

European Club (EC) encourages and spreads a greater comprehension of European cultures, traditions, languages, and world events through education in order to establish multicultural understanding and peace all across campus. We aim to promote European unity through awareness and celebration of the variety of cultures found on the continent. Events include powerful speakers, holiday celebrations, and general assembly events.

Leader(s): Natalie Hulseberg, Liz Soyemi

Advisor(s): Anita White

The purpose of the Gender Equity Association is to provide an inclusive environment for all gender identities and to promote feminism and gender equity. We define feminism as the act of recognizing the disparities and working towards improving the social, political, and economic conditions for ALL gender identities in order to achieve equity. As a club, we provide a multitude of opportunities for students: community building, general assemblies, Voices of GEA, Tales from the Homefront, project groups, and much more!


Advisor(s): Grant Bell

To inform and engage the IMSA community about the Jewish culture.

Leader(s): Mathew Illimoottil

Advisor(s): Peter Dong

The IMSA Christian Alliance’s mission is to share the Word of God with Christians and non-Christians in the hopes of applying it to their own lives by the use of fellowship, prayer, and bible study.

Leader(s): Niyati Kapadia

Advisor(s): Lee W. Eysturlid

To exhibit and spread the Indian culture around the IMSA community with educational and recreational events that will allow students to understand the importance and the culture itself; an organization that at its core promotes the spread of Indian culture on campus. However, it's much more than that. The relatively large and small events alike, such as Holi, Diwali (our annual cultural show), and events that discuss India's hurtful biases, teach students to observe and learn about India for what it is.

Leader(s): Katelyn Ingles

Advisor(s): Devon Madon

To educate the student body on Native American culture and history. As well as to spread awareness of Native American issues and help to create a welcoming environment for Native American students.

Leader(s): Brogan Long, Monica Narciso

Advisor(s): Sowmya Anjur, Mia Pidlaoan

Spectrum is IMSA's own LGBTQ+ club, with a mission to create an inclusive and productive environment in order to hold discussions on LGBTQ+ topics, spread awareness, and foster a better environment for the whole community.

Leader(s): Manaal Shamsi

Advisor(s): Mia Pidlaoan

Our goal as an MSA is to bring the IMSA community closer to their Muslim peers and inform them about the customs and values of Islam. To address and eliminate misconceptions and to invite others to take part in this beautiful new chapter here at IMSA. We want to enlighten our community on Islam and spread peace and acceptance across campus.

* Run by Peer Multicultural Educators (PME)


Leader(s): Gerardo Paramo, Mya Griesbaum

Advisor(s): Brian Trainor

To ignite and nurture a passion for fitness in creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition. EMPR provides resources for IMSA students to achieve their goals at home, and on campus. The goal of IMSA’s fitness club is to provide a platform that hosts events for those who already have an established interest in fitness, or for beginners who are looking to get involved in a healthy lifestyle.



To provide awareness and knowledge of the French culture not only in France but throughout the world along with general learning of the French language as a by-product.

Leader(s): Michelle Sun, Nadia Ludwig

Advisor(s): Namrata Pandya

Girls Who Code aims to close the gender gap in technological fields, specifically computer science, through project-based learning. By creating a supportive community of girls who code, we want to build the confidence of girls who have previously shied away from pursuing their interests in computer science. We hope for more girls to work in teams to build projects of their interest, learn computer science concepts applicable to any project, and build confidence to pursue a technological major. This initial training and exposure to the field will later help girls build projects for the benefit of the student body.

Leader(s): Storm Stern

Advisor(s): Nicholas Cross, Patrick Davis


Leader(s): Vivian Cho, Andy Tang

Advisor(s): Namrata Pandya

To foster an appreciation for and genuine interest in STEM topics that are relevant to us both today and in the future through challenging academic competitions and discussions about science current events. The club will specifically focus on national competitions such as F=ma, USA Physics Olympiad (USAPhO), USA Biology Olympiad (USABO), and US National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO). It will also hold additional events such as MIT Battlecode and seminars hosting STEM professionals.

Leader(s): Shreya Mahesh, Pranav Patel

Advisor(s): Sowmya Anjur

To generate interest and applicability to the medical field within the IMSA community by encouraging health awareness, exploring career diversity, and providing and creating medically-related events and initiatives on- and off-campus.

Leader(s): Aidan Maddox

Advisor(s): Jessica Amacher

To help promote the passions of the field of marine biology around IMSA while raising awareness about the issues facing various aspects of marine biology.

Leader(s): Serena Gacek, Rujuta Durwas


IMSA PSYCH Club is an organization that intends to educate and bring awareness to the IMSA community concerning topics and careers in psychology. Engage with us throughout the year in our captivating Career Conversations, engaging AP PSYCH Study Sessions, informational Community Events, and through our riveting YouTube Channel! Also, make sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook! Stay PSYCHed!!!!



A quiz-show format contest where students are asked questions in the categories of biology, chemistry, physics, math, energy, and earth and space science.

Leader(s): Hailey Raval

Advisor(s): Rafael Gonzalez

We strive to spread our passion for dance across the IMSA community through teaching and performance!

National Organization

Leader(s): Isabel Chen, Annabelle Lu

Advisor(s): Nicholas Cross, Devon Madon

Amnesty International's mission is to lead youth and other activists and volunteers to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights. We will work as a club to hold informational GAs and opportunities for protest and service as a group.

Leader(s): Avdhan Kandikattu, Balaji Balachandran

Advisor(s): Kevin Lim, Marti Shirley

FBLA-PBL inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

Leader(s): Morgan Johnson, Makayla Zheng

Advisor(s): Laura Kopff

We believe education is a human right to which all are equally entitled. Our goals are to raise awareness about the difficulties girls have in obtaining education internationally and to assist girls in overcoming barriers to education by raising funds and providing peer support and motivation. GLI is a nationwide organization with over 100 chapters, associated with the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Leader(s): Caroline Hall, Emily Nakiganda

Advisor(s): Eric Greenfield

To promote and facilitate civic engagement and political awareness among students.

Leader(s): Thavaisya Ananth, Kevin Fan

Advisor(s): Joyce Symoniak

Key Club is an international student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Leader(s): Sachleen Tuteja

Advisor(s): Mary Zuidema, Marta Kaluza

La Plaza de Callao (LPDC) is IMSA’s chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society and aims for members to develop an appreciation for the Spanish language and acquire fluency. Immersing oneself and service are important principles of LPDC, where students have the freedom to explore different aspects of the historic language through volunteer opportunities and self-guided projects.

Leader(s): Shikhar Gupta, Kavin Suhirtharen

Advisor(s): Sowmya Anjur

The Red Cross Club (RCC) is an organized group of registered student volunteers committed to learning, practicing, and exemplifying humanitarian values through mission-related service projects. Red Cross Club activities range from joining a local Disaster Action Team (DAT), hosting blood drives, preparing home safety kits, fundraising, and much more! RCC events provide students the opportunity to work with their local Red Cross unit and engage in projects that address some of our country’s and the world’s greatest needs.

Leader(s): Erin Yoo

Advisor(s): Marta Kaluza

To engage students to educate and mobilize their peers on issues affecting children, mainly advocating for expanding early childhood education in the United States and protecting children in conflict or war zones, among other issues.

Leader(s): Lethzeylee Gutierrez

Advisor(s): John Thurmond

SACNAS is an inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM. Our programs and events train and support the next generation of diverse STEM talent.

Leader(s): Joyce Li, Rohit Kartha

Advisor(s): Rafael Gonzalez

SASE is dedicated to the advancement of scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential.

Leader(s): Rishitha Boddu, Amanda Chen

Advisor(s): Marti Shirley

To provide opportunities for and guide young girls on their journey to a career in engineering.

Leader(s): Alice Li

Advisor(s): Marta Kaluza

Our mission is to educate, advocate, and fundraise on behalf of the underprivileged children of the world. Through educational events and fundraisers that engage the entire IMSA community, we manifest our belief that fundraising, advocating, and educating are team efforts, not individual ones. Our goal is to not only raise money for the world’s children but also host events on the IMSA campus to educate the IMSA student body on unfortunate worldly events that may be unnoticed otherwise.

Special Interest

Leader(s): Gerardo Paramo

Advisor(s): Rodrigo Gonzalez

IMSA Cooking Club is a community dedicated to bringing students together around the basic human need for food. We strive to include those of all levels in the culinary field as we feel cooking is a basic skill for life and a form of art. Our goal is to teach students how to cook and perfect dishes that can be made with simple ingredients and utensils, while also showing that cooking can be a fun task to do.

Leader(s): Gautham Anne

Advisor(s): Marti Shirley

The purpose of Epoch is to create a student-run cluster for the education of Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (”IMSA”) students in machine learning and other computationally intensive fields.

Leader(s): Eunice Kim

Advisor(s): Jean Bigger

Hadron is a monthly science periodical that works to bring the IMSA community and the general public topical summaries about scholarly articles or any of our own academic articles. Our team writes about math, physics, technology, biology, chemistry, or any other STEM field that you are interested in!

Leader(s): Temi Ijisesan

Advisor(s): Joyce Symoniak

The mission of Heliotrope is to create and host events to stimulate the IMSA community’s interest in the fine arts.


Advisor(s): Janice Krouse

To provide students with an opportunity to improve their music skills in a jazz ensemble, as well as to increase appreciation of jazz and music theory in the ensemble and across campus.


Advisor(s): Lara Brink

The purpose of the IMSA Society of Musical Performers is to form a more organized and formal way for the talented musicians at IMSA to share their abilities with the campus and to provide the musicians with the opportunity to grow as individuals as well as collaborative performers, and musicians overall.

Leader(s): Yihan Deng

Advisor(s): Sophie Wang

Martial Arts Club’s mission is to spread knowledge and appreciation for a diverse variety of martial arts from various countries including Taekwondo (Korean), Wushu (Chinese), Tai Chi (Chinese), and more.

Leader(s): Emilia Daniels

Advisor(s): Patrick Davis

To spread appreciation for a cappella around the IMSA campus and our community through the creation and performance of original arrangements at cultural shows, campus events, and our nationwide competitions.

Leader(s): Shreya Mahesh

Advisor(s): Jennifer Egloff

Phil.II is dedicated to providing an outlet in an open and accepting environment for students to discuss and develop philosophies, ethics, and morals in a professional setting in the original context, as well as learning how those philosophies contribute to personal and professional success.

Leader(s): Isabel Chen

Advisor(s): Tracy Townsend

The Saudade Literary Magazine is a literary focus club that will be publishing monthly editions of writing submissions from IMSA's own community of students and faculty! Any type of creative writing submitted by anyone is welcomed. Besides our publications, look forward to future GAs, events/activities, and competitions as well!

Leader(s): Caroline Hall, Disha Dureja

Advisor(s): Joyce Symoniak

The mission of SMAC is to immerse the students of IMSA into a culture where music is accessible and enjoyable, and students can perform in front of one another in an open, welcoming environment.

Leader(s): Sameer Komoravolu

Advisor(s): Eric Smith

Table Tennis Club aims to provide students with the opportunity to play table tennis both recreationally and competitively. We encourage students to play table tennis and learn the proper skills and techniques to become more competitive players. In order to do this, we will host practices, matches, tournaments, and training sessions for students. For matches and tournaments, we are planning to hold seasonal tournaments for IMSA students to participate in, and we will compete against other players and schools outside of IMSA. To prepare for these matches and tournaments, we will have weekly practices and training sessions for students to improve and develop their table tennis abilities. Our goal is to provide students with a fun, competitive, and educational experience by learning as a group.

Other Student Leadership Programs On Campus


Advisor: Chloe Katehis
Description: A group that organizes campus-wide activities.


Advisor: Bill McGrail
Description: Students interested in digital photography and video editing. 

COUNCIL FOR CAMPUS EQUITY (CCE) (formerly Peer Multicultural Educators- PME)

Advisor: Rodrigo Sanchez
Description: Council of all multicultural groups on campus.


Advisor: Simone Alexander
Description: Students who lead tours, and help Admissions with Preview and EIP days.


Advisor: Tami Armstrong
Description: To build and sustain positive relationships between our students and our invaluable external constituents: legislators, alumni, and donors.


Advisor: Ralph Flickinger 
Description: Students interested in digital photography and video editing.