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Discover What You Love.

IMSA fosters the discoverers. The thinkers. The problem solvers of the future. Our mission is to ignite the creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition. We are a diverse community that promotes curiosity and exploration. We’re about making a better world for everyone through immersive learning experiences. 

Established by the State of Illinois to develop talent and leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is internationally recognized for inspiring and nurturing students who use their exceptional abilities to improve people’s lives. IMSA’s academically advanced residential program enables students in grades 10-12 to reach extraordinary levels of achievement.

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Best College Prep Public High School in Illinois
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Here at IMSA, you will have the chance to find your passion both inside and outside of the classroom to help you find a greater sense of vision and reach your true potential. IMSA’s nationally ranked faculty and unique, hands-on approach to learning allows you to take your education into your own hands. Advanced course offerings allow you to challenge yourself while also pursuing your fields of interest. Explore our academic programs and course catalog.

Develop Your Passion.

At IMSA, you can spend one day a week exploring your passions outside the classroom. This day, commonly referred to as an Inquiry Day (I-Day), will be spent developing your interests through research or internships.

Live and Grow.

Located in suburban Aurora, IMSA’s campus consists of 7 residence halls spread across 97 acres. You will be part of a community of 652 diverse students who are passionate about learning. When you live alongside others, you create life-long friendships, encounter new ideas, and learn to live independently. You will also have the opportunity to explore over 75 clubs, organizations, and IHSA sponsored co-curriculars and athletic programs

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Each residence hall is staffed by professional, live-on staff members called Resident Counselors. These Resident Counselors, or RCs, will help you navigate your home away from home through their Residential Life Curriculum. Through this curriculum you will build leadership skills and jump-start your social life while developing independence and responsibility in and out of the classroom. You will find that the residence halls are where all of the elements of IMSA fuse into one dynamic living and learning experience.

Celebrate Each Other’s Differences.

IMSA fosters and nurtures a safe, affirming and responsive environment where students feel they have value, the opportunity to contribute their best work, and the ability to realize their full potential. We value all cultures, celebrate each other’s differences, and believe that diverse perspectives enrich understanding. We work to ensure that our policies, practices, programs, resources, services, decisions, and interactions are constructed through an equity lens. 

At IMSA, we recognize and acknowledge the historical underrepresentation and marginalization of culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse groups (CLED), both universally, and particularly in STEM education and professions. We are committed to advancing equity in STEM education and creating a diverse, inclusive community of global citizens. At IMSA, students realize their full potential as we execute our mission to advance the human condition through a model of Equity and Excellence. You will connect. You will grow. You will make a difference.

Visualize Your Future.

IMSA will challenge you with a rigorous curriculum designed to foster a love of life-long learning, problem solving, and critical thinking. As you collaborate with your friends in classrooms, internships, and research opportunities, you will also meet criteria for admission to the nation’s most selective colleges and universities. With innovative learning methods, close access to teachers, and collaboration with partners outside of IMSA, you will leave equipped to realize your full potential. 

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Are you ready to apply?

Applications for Fall 2023 are due February 8th!
Date9th Grade ApplicantsAdditional Considerations for 8th Grade Applicants
Before ApplyingCheck that you meet all Eligibility Requirements and review upcoming dates for the SAT8th grade applicants must also be enrolled in at least Algebra 1 and a high school level science course at the time of application. If their school does not offer these courses, they will need to find supplementary courses through an accredited institution to meet this requirement.
October Start an Online Application and register for the SAT (SAT registration is completed through
DecemberSend Teacher Evaluations and Counselor Forms to current teachers and counselors (or school administrator who oversees transcript requests). Evaluations and Counselor Forms are sent through the Application Portal. The Counselor Form includes a space for the counselor to upload transcripts.
JanuaryFinish writing your essays and update the Activities and Awards Section.
Remind Teachers and Counselors to submit forms and evaluations.
8th Grade Applicants should also be completing their first semester of supplementary high school courses (if needed) and requesting their transcript be sent to
February 8thSubmit your Application. Applications MUST be submitted by the deadline in order to be considered for admission.
May 1stDecisions are posted in students' application portals. 8th graders who were not accepted during this application cycle can meet with admissions counselors to get feedback for the application process in 9th grade.