Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Students Earn National Awards For Community Service Impact | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Students Earn National Awards For Community Service Impact

United Nations Association of the USA Recognizes Youth Leaders Delivering Progress Toward The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Aurora, IL, – May, 21, 2020 – Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is delighted to announce 46 students are being recognized by the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) and InnerView in the 2nd Annual National Community Service Awards. This program has been designed to connect student community service activities and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world. Students from Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy delivered the most impact for SDG 4-Quality Education.

“Youth efforts and voices are essential to achieve the SDGs. These awards allow us to share our appreciation for youth leaders who have invested talent and effort in the causes they care about,” says Rachel Bowen Pittman, Executive Director of United Nations Association of the USA. “With a decade remaining to deliver on the SDGs, we are thrilled that these students will be entering the workforce with meaningful community engagement skills and socially aware experiences. We are encouraged that educators are including community service and cultural engagement in the educational experience of their students.”

In the last ten months, thousands of students devoted more than 557,000 community service hours to causes and community needs. “The close of this school year, will be a moment in time, never forgotten by current students. Every aspect of life has been affected by COVID-19, and there has never been a better personal understanding of the connectedness between people, local, and global challenges,” says Kristine Sturgeon, CEO of Inner View Technologies. “We are delighted to amplify and honor the incredible work of students who are changing the world, one action at a time. In the last few months we have seen student transition their passions for causes to safe remote pathways including virtual tutoring, organizing local food collections, recording music performances for senior centers, digital connections to advocate for voter registration, unique appreciation for HealthCare heroes and so much more.”

A key artifact students gain through this program is the development of a digital service resume for use in job and college applications to demonstrate personal commitment, 21st century skills, and key areas of interest. The three tier award program recognizes a range of student achievement: Merit for 20 hours, Honor for 40 hours and Ambassador for 100 hours of service this school year.

Ambassador Awardees

Sri Lalana Appasani, Liam Archer, Ariela Asllani, Rishitha Boddu, Emma Darbro, Nathaniel Graf, Rachna Gupta, Shikhar Gupta, Ellyn Hu, Hannah Johnson, Eugene Lim, Sreyansh Mamidi, Elizabeth Murphy, Minju Oh, Brandon Park, Hiteshi Patel, Krisha Patel, Shambhavi Punjala, Andrea Rubio, Christin Ann Sanchez, Kodai Speich, Devraj Thakkar, Akhil Vytla, Mark Ying

Honor Awardees

Melena Braggs, Alice Li, Joyce Li, Ava Puchitkanont, Gloria Wang, Makayla Zheng

Merit Awardees

Mariam Ahmed, Bridget Bunt, Courtney Cagnolatti, Seo Yeon Cho, Mylanah Derrer, Zachary Eness, Ella Foes, Shrutika Gupta, Annabelle Lu, Monika Narain, Ivie Orobor, Paola Padilla, Shreya Pattisapu, Rosario Picone, Grace Smith, Kaylee Zhou

The collective activity of our students this school year, delivered 10,383 service hours and personal activities to address local needs. This achievement earned an additional distinction of the Emerald Award for outstanding impact.

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