Theme 1: Center for Artificial Intelligence

Thematic Updates

Build curricular and lab space capacity on the Aurora campus to support the growth and experimentation of artificial intelligence and its applications.

  • Theme 1: November 2023 November 20, 2023 - The AI Theme team is meeting monthly and making great strides in exploring pathways for AI at IMSA. Members of the team include Tami Armstrong, Britta McKenna, Rich Busby, Jessica… Continue Reading

Student Research and Projects

On-Campus (Curricular and IN2 Support)

  • Sreevardhan Atyam ’24 is a lead programmer for Joy, an AI-powered mental health and wellness app for high school and college students.
  • Sridhar Mehendale ‘25 is building an AI-based model to aid venture capitalist investment assessment prediction.
  • Einsteinia Socrates ‘24 is studying the impact of AI on business operations.
  • Riyan Jain ‘26 is developing a skin cancer detection app using AI-based picture recognition to check against known skin cancer databases under the mentorship of Dr. Patankar.
  • Shashi Salavath ’24 is developing a mental health app under the guidance of Steve Goldblatt.
  • Aaditya Shah ‘25 is working on a sign language translation app with support from Steve Goldblatt.
  • Anmol Singh ’25 is developing an aerocode coding platform under the guidance of Dr. Patankar.
  • Kavya Uppal ‘25 is studying Ai deep fake images with Dr. Patankar.
  • Shatakshi Chatterjee ’25 is using AI for biomedical engineering under the sponsorship of Desiree Klimek

Sampling of over 20 Off-Campus Research Projects Using AI

  • Anirudh Chari ’24 (Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University) is studying self-driving cars to influence human drivers’ behavior by leveraging robot-human interaction
  • Raghav Sinha ‘24 (SONIC Lab, Northwestern University) is recording interactions with humans and AI
  • Himani Musku ’25 (MIT Lincoln Lab) is analyzing text to create Machine Learning (ML) models that can classify the texts.
  • Shashi Salavath ‘24 (Northwestern Feinberg) is using large language models to study autoimmune event initiation in cancer patients.
  • Nathaniel Laud ‘25 (Argonne) is using AI to generate peptide sequences with high affinity for binding.
  • Michael Granger ’25 (MIT Lincoln Lab) is developing an AI model capable of detecting COVID disinformation online.