Since assuming the presidential role at IMSA in 2014, Jose M. Torres, Ph.D. has led the development of a vision for IMSA to become a recognized global leader and catalyst in equity and excellence in STEM teaching and learning, innovation and entrepreneurship. His many accomplishments include:

  • Envisioned and enacted the Board-approved Equity and Excellence Policy.
  • Increased diversity in students and staff and the percent of low income students at IMSA from 11% to 17%.
  • Created and established the IMSA Operational Excellence Dashboard with ambitious targets and published results.
  • Executed transformation of curriculum in concert with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Completed the renovation of two state-of-the-art science labs as well as the privately-financed auditorium and the Steve and Jamie Chen Center for Innovation and Inquiry.
  • Secured IMSA as the first host in the United States of the 14th Annual International Student Science Fair.
  • Stabilized IMSA’s budget during a state level crisis with three years of no state-appropriated budget.
  • Accelerated the use of educational technology to realize IMSA’s unique learning model during the current pandemic.
  • Led the development of IMSA’s Impact and Outcomes Statement approved by the Board of Trustees, which included a focus on reimagining IMSA as a learning laboratory, increasing fiscal sustainability, building IMSA’s network, and using employee engagement as the strategy to accomplish our objectives.
  • Served on the advisory committee for the Governor’s Technology Advisory Group; and the Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Youth. He also serves on the Cost of Segregation Education Advisory Group; and on the board of directors of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children, the Governor’s P-20 Council and Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois.