Ms. Jane St. Pierre | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Ms. Jane St. Pierre

Ambassador, Awarded in 2016
IMSA Tenure: 2001  2011

Director of Marketing and Communications

Ms. St. Pierre began her work at IMSA in 2001 as Director of Marketing and Communications, a position that she held until her retirement in 2011. As the Academy’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Ms. St. Pierre led the IMSA20 Campaign—bold ideas and world class results—and provided leadership for IMSA’s new Strategic Plan (FY07) as a core action team member for Strategy V: “We will identify teaching and learning needs, develop research-based products to meet those needs, and market them to establish the IMSA brand.” She proactively helped IMSA leadership to work through complex marketing and communications projects that were associated with IMSA’s transitions—presidential, IMSA 2.0 to IMSA 3.0, and from a “pioneering educational community” to the “world’s leading teaching and learning laboratory for imagination and inquiry.”

She developed and instituted marketing and communications plans for IMSA’s highest priority customers and expanded our understanding of the operations, logistics, strategy and context of marketing and communications needs and activities—from media, customer/program marketing, issues management and legislative strategy—to IMSA celebrations, awards programs and proactive local, state and national communications coverage. IMSA and its many programs have benefitted from Ms. St. Pierre’s skills, commitment and knowledge. The list is long, her imprimatur on the following and so much more: increasing alumni services, developing new materials for many programs and initiatives: Admissions recruitment, SIR, IMSA course catalogues, external student enrichment and teacher professional development programs, IMSA Great Minds Program®, 21st Century Information Fluency, alumni registration in myIMSA directory, the development of the Alumni Awards program and messaging for our legislative strategy.

Ms. St. Pierre was key in developing communications that positioned IMSA’s value to Illinois and as a “chosen partner and provider.” She was the co-author of the award competition application that led to IMSA being named the sole national winner of the 2009 Intel Schools of Distinction Star Innovator Award. Under her direction, IMSA communications venues were consistent recipients of the Illinois School Public Relations Association Award of Excellence, American Graphic Design Award, Hermes Creative Award, and the National School Public Relations Association Award of Excellence.

She has held several leadership positions in community groups and programs. Since retirement, her community involvement included serving as marketing and communications co-chair for the St. Thomas of Villanova Parish capital campaign leading to the successful achievement of its 2.2 million dollar campaign goal.