Past Enrollment Event Recordings

2022-2023 Virtual Event Recordings

Please note that some of the dates and information shared in these sessions refer to last year’s admission cycle. For updated information, please make sure to sign up for an informational event, or check out our Dates and Deadlines page.

September 15, 20226pm- 7pmApplication ProcessWhat makes a great IMSA student? Learn about what makes a successful student at IMSA, and how prospective students can prepare for the application. Come and get a sneak peek of the application and get some tips for beginning your application for the Class of 2026! Attendees will also be given time for a Q&A, so bring your questions! Watch the Recording!
September 28, 20226pm- 7pmAcademics at IMSA Join us for an inside look to learn more about IMSA! Attendees will be given a presentation about the course offerings and opportunities at IMSA. Watch the Recording!
October 6, 20226pm- 7pmAcing the ApplicationHow do you gather your grades from the last two and a half years? What do teachers need to complete the teacher evaluations? How long do the essays have to be? Get all of your application questions answered!Watch the Recording!
November 3, 20226pm- 7pmLiving at IMSAWe will be talking about student life at IMSA. Find your who, what , where, and why outside of the classroom! Attendees will also be given time for a Q&A, so bring your questions!Watch the Recording!
November 17, 20226pm- 7pmActivities and Athletics Collaboration and teamwork don’t just play a part in the classroom here at IMSA. Hear about the opportunities for IMSA students to flex their competitive muscles and become leaders on and off the court in our variety of athletic and co-curricular offerings here at IMSA!Watch the Recording!
December 15, 20226pm- 7pmMeet Current IMSA ParentsWELCOME TO IMSA! We are excited to be hosting this event to connect you with our current IMSA parents and why they chose IMSA.Watch the Recording!
February 16, 2023Application Next StepsJoin us as we go over what to expect now that your application has been submitted.Watch the Recording!