Application Troubleshooting FAQ’s

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Please visit SchoolRecs, under "Recommendations/Transcript Center" to check that the email addresses are correct. If an email address is not correct, you will need to cancel your request by clicking on the form and scrolling to the bottom of the page, and click "Cancel Request". Once you cancel the form, it will allow you to make edits. Enter the new email and double-check before submitting.

If the email address is correct, have your teacher/counselor check their spam folder. If they still have not received it, cancel the request and resend the request form.

There are two ways to check if IMSA has received your teacher/counselor's recommendation evaluation form.

  1. Visit SchoolRecs, under "Recommendations/Transcript Center" you can view all evaluation forms sent that are still awaiting submission and evaluations that have been submitted.
  2. Log into your student account (PowerSchool) to view your Admission Tracker checklist. You will see a list of materials needed. Materials received will have a green check mark by them.

As a reminder when sending a Recommendation form, only have 1 form or tab open at a time. If you have two or more forms open at once, the information from one form may change in another.

IMSA is using a new application system that requires you to create a new username and password. Please note that the application account should be made with the parent/guardian information. You will be required to create a SchoolRec account, where students will send teacher and counselor evaluation request forms.  The SchoolRec account should be created using the student's information.

PowerSchool Account:

  • Please remember the PowerSchool account should have been created with parent/guardian information. If you are still unable to log in, please contact the Office of Admissions by email at so we can reset your password.

SchoolRec Account:

  • If you are having login issues with your SchoolRec account you will need to contact that company directly, as IMSA doesn't have the ability to assist with account information.

Visit to verify you have sent your scores to IMSA (School Code: 3072). If you have sent scores to IMSA, log into your student account (PowerSchool) to view your Admission Tracker checklist. You will see a list of materials needed. Materials received will have a green check mark by them.

Please enter your current school counselor/assistant principal (or whoever has access to your transcripts) in the counselor section in SchoolRec. If they do not have access to prior year transcripts, please contact that school directly and ask them to send your transcripts to Once received, the Admissions staff will add them to your application.

You can click the submit button once all sections are saved and you are sure everything is accurate. Your application is not considered eligible unless it has been submitted. Your teacher evaluations/grades do NOT need to be received for you to submit your application. Teacher evaluations should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after the application deadline.

Due to our rigorous curriculum and unique learning environment where opportunities for education and collaboration exist well beyond the classroom, IMSA does not offer day-student admission and requires all students to live on campus. Being a residential school, our students get the chance to learn from hands-on opportunities that make the residential aspect of IMSA essential. Our Residence Life staff also works to prepare students for the “real world” by teaching them conflict-resolution skills, time management, how to budget their money, and how to live independently in a diverse population of people.


To Contact Admissions Team members:
Call 630.907.5028, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Please leave a voicemail to receive a call-back.