Summer@IMSA Residential Programs

Aurora Residential Programs (Grades 8-9)

These summer residential programs offer students the opportunity to live and learn on IMSA’s Aurora campus. Participants live in our residence halls, eat meals in the campus cafeteria, explore learning during the day in IMSA labs, and enjoy evening activities led and supervised by IMSA residential life staff. Students arrive after dinner on Sunday and depart the following Friday after a parent open house that concludes at 2:30 p.m. This page, as well as the registration and scholarship application forms, are best viewed on a computer.

Genetics: Nature or Nurture (Rising 8-9 Graders)

Genetics has become a cutting-edge science, not only in the field of biology but also because of the enormous social and medical reach of its discoveries. Are traits controlled by inherited genes or by a combination of genes and the environment? Can certain diseases be cured through gene-editing? In this program, students will explore the environment’s role in gene expression as they experiment with living Drosophila (fruit flies), a widely used model organism in real-world genetics investigations. A variety of actual genetics laboratory techniques, such as DNA isolation, PCR, Genetic Transformation, and Protein purification, will be performed over the course of the program. Students will use statistical analyses to quantify their research outcomes. This week is sure to challenge and inspire future geneticists.

DatesLocationPriceRegistrationScholarship Application*
7/16/23 - 7/21/23IMSA-Aurora Campus$938ClosedClosed

Physiology and Biomedical Engineering (Rising 8-9 Graders)

Physiology and Biomedical Engineering have never worked better together than in this program! Students will learn physiology applications by using engineering to visualize the relationships between the structure and function of both the digestive and cardiovascular systems. “Working” models of both systems will be designed, engineered, and built during the course of the week. Students will also have the opportunity to model different pathological conditions in their models, such as atherosclerosis and Crohn’s disease, and they will be able to explain the biophysical and biochemical basis of their creations. Through model-building and testing, dissections, chemistry experiments, and possibly even a laparoscopic surgery simulation, students will come away with a newfound appreciation for these crucial systems.

DatesLocationPriceRegistrationScholarship Application*
7/23/23 - 7/28/23IMSA-Aurora Campus$938ClosedClosed

Avantor Integrated Science Program for Rising 9th Graders

This uniquely IMSA program combines two weeks of online learning followed by one week of engaging, hands-on learning on campus in Aurora and explores the links between biology, chemistry, and physical science. Taught by IMSA faculty, participants delve into scientific topics, including the chemical properties of water and how these properties can affect living organisms and ecosystems. Please click the above link for more information.