Limited Funds for SIR – Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Limited Funds for SIR

Limited Funds for Investigations

There may be limited funding available to purchase supplies for approved SIR investigations. The amount of support provided will vary based on quality of the investigation and availability of funds. Investigations financially supported by SIR are considered to be the property of IMSA to the extent that the institution wishes to retain rights to any and all content and results of the investigation.

When seeking IMSA funds for SIR investigations, please read and carefully follow the procedures below:

Purchase Approvals

The Director of Student Inquiry and Research must approve any purchases for which the student seeks funding support. Requests for such funding must include:

  1. a copy of the approved plan of investigation,
  2. a statement of advisor approval for the funding request, and

Once funding is approved, the SIR office will generally order and purchase the requested supplies on behalf of the student, in order to receive the best pricing through IMSA’s organizational purchasing power.

Purchase Requests

When submitting a purchase request to the Student Inquiry and Research Office, please provide:

  1. vendor name,
  2. vendor street address,
  3. vendor web address,
  4. vendor phone and fax numbers,
  5. item number,
  6. item description, and,
  7. quantity needed.

Reimbursement Requests

On rare occasions, purchase of supplies directly by the student may be necessary. In this event, it is necessary to secure approval for funding reimbursement prior to purchase. Reimbursement eligibility requires the student to provide all of the information listed above in the Purchase Requests section and:

  1. SIR coordinator approval of the student purchase,
  2. original receipts for the student purchase,
  3. W-9 form on file in the business office

Not all of the requested funds may be reimbursed: for example, sales tax is not reimbursable. Books, materials, and any other resources purchased with IMSA funds are the property of IMSA. See the IMSA Board Policies for further information.